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Many people aren’t willing to admit that stubborn fat just won’t budge in some cases. No matter how strict your diet or effective your workouts. With age, our muscles begin to lose tone resulting in pockets of fat that we aren’t particularly proud of. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical solution that targets these problem areas leading to a more toned and defined look. The medical professionals at our medical spa in Oklahoma City have mastered CoolSculpting technology to deliver safe and comfortable procedures that provide results you’ll absolutely love.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the leading FDA-approved non-invasive procedure for fat reduction. It was inspired by two Harvard Scientists who discovered the idea back in 1970. The CoolSculpting technology employs controlled cooling (cryolipolysis) to target and freezes a portion of fat cells beneath your skin. The skin itself is left unaffected. In the weeks following the procedure, your body naturally starts to metabolize the fat cells that were frozen, shrunk, and died during the procedure. Your body eliminates the fat cells from the treatment site, thus improving the treated bulge’s appearance. The process requires no surgery, no medications, no downtime, no needles, and no anesthesia making it ideal for many people.

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What Areas Does CoolSculpting Treat?

The most common areas that we treat using CoolSculpting Technology include the stomach and abdomen, back bulge and bra area, arms, thighs, double chin, legs, love handles, and flanks as well as under the buttocks (banana rolls). However, if you have queries concerning other areas, we recommend coming in for a consultation and assessment to determine how we can be of assistance!  
Coolsculpting jawline and Coolsculpting calves are further examples of areas that can be treated with this safe and effective solution.

Are You a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting functions well for both women and men, leading a healthy lifestyle but aren’t satisfied with the look on specific body areas. Even with regular exercise and proper diet, most of us will have sections that just won’t budge. That’s where our CoolSculpting procedure comes in. Our CoolSculpting procedure is an excellent option if you are busy and looking for a quick, safe, and convenient way to reduce body fat. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t consider CoolSculpting as a treatment for obesity management.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

We first conduct an assessment to determine your problem areas and the appropriate treatment plans. We will then choose the proper applicator for your needs. Some applicators utilize vacuum while others don’t. Once you are seated comfortably in the reclining treatment chair, we will place the CoolSculpting applicator together with a gel or gel pad on the treated area. Applicators that utilize vacuum will draw your tissue into the applicator cup. You will experience a suction feel as the applicator draws your skin into the handpiece. Next, you will feel an intense coldness, which may cause some tingling, mildly stinging, aching, or itching sensation. With a non-vacuum applicator, you may experience a sensation of pressure. This feeling will last for several minutes until the treatment area becomes numb. After your treatment area is complete, our technicians will administer a brief massage on the treatment area. This massage helps remove the frozen fat cells and rewarms and smoothens out the area. You may experience the same sensations during the massage, as you experienced during the application. They will also last just a few minutes then subside entirely.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The duration of the CoolSculpting treatment will vary depending on the areas you are treating in one visit. With the latest technology, we can treat a patient within 30 minutes to one hour. Note that some patients will have more than one procedure done during a single clinic visit. The CoolSculpting procedure is non-surgical in nature, thus allowing you to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

What Results Will You See?

Our staff will conduct a 360-degree assessment and develop a treatment plan based on your unique shape and desired outcome. CoolSculpting has been proven to reduce fat layers in stubborn areas by more than 20% per treatment. Following your first CoolSculpting procedure, you may start to see changes in as early as three weeks. After one to three months, you will experience the most dramatic changes. Your body naturally metabolizes the injured or dead fat cells for about four months following the procedure. It can take up to four months for the results to become fully visible. One of the best aspects of CoolSculpting is the permanency of the results. Once your treated fat cells are gone, they are gone forever. However, you must keep in mind that the remaining fat cells have unlimited growth potential. As such, you’ll still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a good diet to sustain the results over time.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

After you complete your first procedure, you can achieve further fat reduction with additional treatments if necessary. Our specialists may schedule further clinic visits or additional treatments in order to meet your specific goals. Many patients undergo a second procedure in the same area as it is beneficial because CoolSculpting reduces up to 25 % of fat cells with each treatment. The second treatment is usually scheduled 30 to 45 days following the initial treatment.

CoolSculpting Side Effects

Although CoolSculpting is a very safe procedure, just like with any medical procedure, it does have some mild side effects including:

  • Temporary numbness
  • Swelling
  • Aching and Itching
  • Tenderness and redness

The Benefits and Advantages of CoolSculpting

Below are just some of the benefits and advantages of the CoolSculpting procedure we offer at our medical spa in Oklahoma City:

  • Helps to reduce stubborn fat that resists exercise and diet
  • It is the leading non-invasive fat reduction procedure
  • The results from CoolSculpting are long-lasting
  • You experience no downtime
  • It is less expensive than other fat reduction procedures including liposuction
  • It is approved by the FDA and is safe and highly effective
  • It is non-invasive thus the complication, and side effects risks are low
  • An excellent option for a patient who can’t or doesn’t want to undergo surgery
  • The procedure requires no medications or anesthesia.

As one of the leading CoolSculpting providers in and around Oklahoma City, our medical Spa has extensive experience in freezing stubborn fat away for good! We employ the latest CoolSculpting technology and protocol, which helps reduce the treatment time. Our qualified, certified, and well trained medical professionals are experts in administering the procedure. At our medical spa, we offer personalized treatment plans in line with your body type and goals. Feel free to CONTACT US today or visit our offices in Oklahoma City to book a FREE consultation, learn more about our services, and begin your journey towards the body you always desired.

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